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Kate Walgren

Analytical Engineer


Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.


Worked in structural dynamics and product support engineering at Hamilton Sundstrand for over 7 years.  Focus on rotor dynamics, torsional dynamics, structural vibration, and pressure dynamics with an emphasis on correlation of analysis and testing.  Joined Ingenium Technologies in 2016 as an analytical engineer for stress/dynamic analysis and testing.  Extensive experience in lateral bending critical speed analysis of drive shafts, gear shafts, pump assemblies, turbine assemblies, and shafts with electrical rotors.  Performed critical speed, force response, and bearing load/life analyses to determine natural frequencies, mode shapes, deflections, and bearing loads.  Completed testing to correlate with analysis results, including overspeed testing with dynamic instrumentation.

Kate Walgren