Infinitely Variable Transmission

Infinitely Variable Transmission

The customer was pursing the development of concepts with a view to increasing the fuel efficiency of large commercial vehicles. One such concept was the possibility of using infinitely variable transmission to achieve bi-directional power transmission while optimally matching the engine speed to accessories.
The infinitely variable transmission had to be very efficient, reliable for thousands of hours, compact, lightweight, and cost effective. And, to provide all these qualities in a harsh environment.

The Solution

Ingenium applied its experience with many different types of infinitely variable transmissions used in different modes of transportation and industrial applications to a comprehensive trade study. The study was designed and conducted to determine the best type of transmission for the unique requirements of the fuel economy enhancing system. At its conclusion, a multi-mode hydromechanical approach was down selected.
The concept was developed into a full-fledged design layout including sizing of the transmission components. Ingenium’s team also developed a system simulation model to quantify the efficiency improvements and to evaluate the fuel consumption reduction that the system could provide over several different vehicle duty cycles.


As a result of the successful design study the customer was able to proceed with prototype development. Ingenium provided a comprehensive technical design and data package to support the customer’s testing program. Ingenium also provided training to the customer’s team to enable them to further evaluate potential vehicle performance enhancements.