Engineering Analysis

Ingenium has a highly skilled and experienced team of analysis specialists in the fields of stress, dynamics, thermal, simulation and systems design. Using state of the art tools along with inhouse proprietary analytical tools, Ingenium provides rapid and thorough analysis including, but not limited to:.

Fracture Mechanics and Damage Tolerance Analysis

  • NASGRO is used to evaluate crack growth (LEFM)
  • Ansys is used in complex crack modes to define SIF(K)
  • Deep knowledge of USAF Damage tolerance Design Handbook
  • Calculate residual strength
  • Establish in-service inspection program/interval or LOV and Service limits

System Dynamic Analysis 

  • Simulink / Simscape tools
  • Linear and nonlinear torsional analysis
  • Natural frequencies, mode shapes & interferences
  • Time transient torsional responses

Motor / Gearbox / Actuator Analysis

  • Structural
  • Critical Speed / Torsional Dynamics
  • Thermal
  • Hydraulic / CFD
  • Gears
  • Journal Bearings
  • Bearings
  • Seals