Development Testing

Ingenium can provide comprehensive support for product development. Starting with the creation of an effective development program plan and schedule we will identify what physical testing will be required and develop corresponding test plans and procedures. Where specialized test facilities are required, Ingenium can support selection of such facilities. Ingenium often supplies test engineers and technicians to conduct, supervise, document and report development tests, including driveline vibration surveys. Ingenium also designs and builds specialty test equipment, and even perform product testing in our own lab.

Test Planning and Procedures

  • Ingenium reviews the system requirements to help determine test needs
  • A test plan is developed and test facilities are selected
  • Test procedures are tailored to meet the needs of the development test program

Development Test Engineering Support

Our engineers are skilled with real hardware, and our customers seek our help to:

  • Perform development tests
  • Document test results
  • Perform driveline surveys

Specialty Testing in Ingenium Lab

Ingenium performs a variety of specialized testing in our lab including:

  • Attitude testing on combined pitch and roll test stand
  • Jet pump development testing
  • Specialty device development testing