Actuation Systems

Ingenium Technologies’ team of associates includes several industry leading actuation experts. Their experience includes contribution to and leadership of many challenging actuation design and qualification programs.

The team can undertake the complete design & development program cycle or contribute to any part thereof:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Failure Modes & Effects
  • Redundancy Management
  • Interfaces
  • Power Management
  • System Dynamics
  • Test Equipment Design and Build Certification

The range of our actuation design experience includes:

  • Electro-Mechanical Actuators
  • Hydro-Mechanical Actuators
  • Linear and Rotary Actuators
  • Federated and Integrated Systems
  • Mechanical Closed Loop Systems
  • Fly By Wire Closed Loop Systems

The team has produced single actuator designs and complex multi actuator distributed systems including:

  • Primary flight controls (Rudder, Aileron)
  • Secondary flight controls (Flaps, Slats, Horizontal Stabilizer)
  • Utility systems (Doors, Valves, Cargo, Nose wheel steering)