CH-47 Helicopter Blade Fold Gearbox

CH-47 Helicopter at Sunset

The Challenge

Ingenium was commissioned to develop a design concept to modify existing CH-47 Chinook blade fold gearboxes. The design was required to add automatic blade folding capability to the existing manual fold functionality.

As is often the case with projects adding functionality to existing designs; this design required the incorporation of several new parts without compromise of existing features. In this case the manual ‘wrench driven’ mode was retained while the ability to fold the blades with a motor was added. This new capability in turn required the incorporation of new fault and overload protection features.

While the brief was challenging it was made more so by the very short execution time provided.

The Solution

Ingenium has the resources to assign highly experienced engineers and manage them effectively. By matching the appropriate skills and experience with specific project needs we are able to proceed through a thorough trade study and design process in a very short order. Ingenium put together a team of mechanical experts to focus on this project and were able to design this “add on” gearbox within only a few weeks.


Ingenium met the customer’s expectations providing a concept trade study and final design proposal in the limited time available. The package included optimized pricing, drawings, analyses, and technical descriptions.