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Ingenium's Test Equipment Business is Growing

Published: Tuesday, July 08, 2014, 08:57:21 AM

Ingenium has been providing product development design and analysis services to aerospace OEMs for 13 years now.  Over this time, we have also occasionally designed test equipment for our customers.  For the last 9 months, we have seen a significant upturn in the number of test equipment projects for multiple OEMs.  “This growth is both a result of our deep knowledge of the components being tested and our ability to analyze (stress, vibration, frequency response) our test stand designs before hardware is built” per Greg Crowley director of sales.  According to Mike Schneider, director of programs, “Some of our customers have come to Ingenium because they had negative prior test experiences, such as test equipment failing or interfering with the test article, thus invalidating expensive certification tests.  We have significant aerospace system and product design experience, which gives us the capability to understand test requirements and translate these into robust test equipment designs.” 

Late last year, Ingenium hired a senior level test engineer (Randy Faist) to lead a number of our new test equipment projects.  Besides design and analysis experts, Randy’s team includes mechanical and electrical engineers, data acquisition and control software experts, and a network of local machine shops to help fabricate our designs.  “Systems engineers can develop all of the requirements documentation and user’s manuals for the test equipment, and can even load these documents into a requirements flow-down tool like DOORS,” per Mike.  For support on a specific task or for a full turnkey automatic custom test stand, please contact Ingenium.  

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