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Ingenium Technologies Completes First Customer IP Assignment

Published: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 13:03:24 PM

Over the last several years, Ingenium has created several patents in the medical and industrial markets by leveraging our strong aerospace engineering teams. “We have spent a lot of money on outside professional prior art searches and patent creation/filing fees in the past” says Greg Crowley, Ingenium director of business development. “With the new IP service we can leverage our ability to quickly pull in various Ingenium product development experts as needed during patent work; consequently, making us both very effective and efficient” per Crowley.

As highlighted in an earlier press release, Ingenium now has an inside patent agent. Varad Srivastava has been instrumental at finding patent issues early so that alternative approaches could be considered during the product development process. These early findings have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in premature new product launches.

“Since our in house patent agent, Varad Srivastava, has done such a great job on internal projects, Ingenium is now offering prior art search services & technical patent assessments to our existing customers. One of our largest customers has now become a client of our IP services. We provided a prior art search after reviewing their planned product development efforts (and resulting designs) to offer insights in terms of the state of the art of the industry and competitive approaches. The result was a satisfied client who is now releasing more IP work to us” says Paul Wild, Ingenium Principal.

“Our cost effective IP service and technical niche focus on aerospace components provides us with strong differentiation for existing customers” per Crowley.

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