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Ingenium Completes Design and Testing of I.V. Pole Handlebar-Tray

Published: Monday, November 10, 2008, 13:20:03 PM

Rockford, IL, November 10, 2008

Ingenium Project Manager, Ellwyn Englof, is pleased to announce the successful design of an intravenous pole handlebar-tray for Safepole LLC. With this new product design, Safepole LLC is poised to revolutionize I.V. poles offered to hospitals for inpatient care.

Ingenium Technologies was hired by Safepole to create a handlebar design that would incorporate the aesthetics and ergonomic design initiatives required plus the strength needed to withstand a rigorous environment. Ingenium was also tasked with identifying possible molders of the handlebar-tray for Safepole consideration.

Ingenium’s analytical designer, Sekar Chandrasekaran, and solid modeling engineer, Sourabh Kulkarni, determined the material properties necessary for the medical-grade plastic to assure sufficient stiffness. This stiffness required was defined through solid models and which then determined necessary wall thicknesses and ribs. While the stiffness was key, the engineering team maintained the esthetics, ergonomic, patient-centered, and easy-to-clean characteristics of the design.

Prior to going into production, design-for-moldability meetings were held with the Ingenium selected Molder. This guaranteed the necessary manufacturing nuances would be incorporated into the solid model while preserving the esthetics and strength characteristics of the design.

In addition to having a “thrilled” client, the most exciting aspect of this work was the success of Ingenium’s analytic prediction of the strength of the handlebar-tray. Ingenium performed “before” and “after” deflection vs. load tests to confirm that the stiffness of the handlebar-tray would be “equal to or greater than the competition.” In the load range tested, the new design was approximately 33% stiffer.

“Safepole’s industry-leading handlebar-tray strength makes our I.V. pole now even more appealing to patients and hospital staff,” reports Darius Vaskelis, Safepole CEO. “Further, we’re excited to build on our foundation of making durable medical equipment that’s engineered for safety. We were delighted with Ingenium’s professionalism, technical competence, and commitment to go the extra mile for us,” concludes Vaskelis.

Ingenium engineers stayed close to the chosen mold shop during the tooling design and prove-out. Tooling and process adjustments were completed and “the initial production run was made with a minimum of effort and time,” reports Ingenium’s Englof.

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