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Steve Schwitters

Mechanical Engineer


Obtained a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University. Has attended various seminars relating to management, industry issues, and computer training. Also has proficient computer skills including SolidWorks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Projects.


Spent three years with Sundstrand Aviation as a Project Engineer being a manufacturer of aircraft components and systems. Spent a total of 26 years with Taylor Company. The first five years he was a Project Engineer; the next six years he was an Assistant Chief Engineer; the next four years he was a Chief Engineer; the next nine years he was the Director of Engineering; and the final two years he was the Director of Product Development. Spent three years with Advance Controls, Inc. as a Regional Sales Manager being a manufacturer and distributor of electrical motor control products and being responsible for sales in 11 Midwestern states. Joined Ingenium Technologies in 2005.


Car racing.

Steve Schwitters