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Dave Halsey

Senior Mechanical Engineer


BSME, MSME Clarkson University; MSMngt., MBA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Five years at GE Aerospace working on engine control systems for T700, T58, and T64 gas turbine engines.  Thirty years at Hamilton Sundstrand.  Worked on electric power generation systems for space applications, aircraft, and undersea applications.  Worked on Rankine cycle engines, Brayton cycle engines, and hybrid Wankel-Brayton engines.  Worked on electromagnetic actuators, magnetic bearing systems, and switched reluctance motors and generators. Titles included Master Engineer, Principal Engineer, Group Engineer, and Advisory Engineer.  Named corporate Technical Fellow in specialty ares of high speed machines and electromagnetics.  Joined Ingenium in 2010 and led multiple design projects.  

Patents: 12, Technical Papers: 8

Hobbies:  Woodworking

Dave Halsey